Internet Information and Media

In a world full of technology, people can often find an abundant amount of information online. The World Wide Web is a blessing but also a curse to healthcare. Patients can easily find an assortment of true, partially true or completely false information on their condition. It is easy for one to think that he/she has self-diagnosed without properly being examined by a professional. For any type of health related issues, the whole picture needs to be examined. As in the dental field, physically examining the area of concern, history, diagnostic imaging and symptoms all come into play for a proper diagnosis. That said, there are many helpful guidelines which can be found online,everything from daily oral hygiene routine to what to expect in the a dental visit.

In short, don’t believe everything you read on the internet, take it with a grain of salt. Don’t come to any conclusions regarding your health until you have been properly examined by a licensed practitioner.

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Anxiety at Dental Offices

We often hear new patient say, ” No offense, I like you but I don’t want to be here.” Followed by a nervous giggle. After his/her visit at our office, he/she would wonder what they were nervous about and they should have come a lot earlier if they knew dentistry could be a pleasant experience.

Most of the time people neglect their oral health because they had a bad experience years ago. The anxiety builds up, and it becomes harder and harder to gather up the courage to visit the dentist again…….until they have pain. Then they end up needing extensive treatment due to the neglect, and cycle begins once again.

If patients can only visit the dentist regularly, problems can be fixed with minimal invasion. For example, a small cavity does not necessarily require freezing, and a regular 3-6 months cleaning is half the time of a “deep cleaning” which would be required if someone has not had a cleaning in years. And……….. of course, the overall cost would be substantially less.

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Kids’ Dentistry

Patients often wonder when they should bring their children in for first Check-up. There are no set rules, but usually it is around age 2 and half to 3 years old. It is always a good idea to bring young kids into the office when parents or siblings have their check-ups done so they become more familiar with the office and staff members.

Children should start brushing/wiping their teeth even if they only have one tooth. Flossing is especially important if teeth are tight together.

Common causes of teeth decay on young children are frequent snacking on sugary snacks, frequently sipping on juice and/or milk without rinsing with water, and of course, poor oral hygiene. Children, like adults, should brush and floss at least twice a day.

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Best Toothpaste

The important thing to know about toothpastes is that you want something that does not harm the teeth. Many toothpastes on the market put strong abrasives in the paste that can damage tooth structure as well as the gums. Tarter control toothpastes are just a fancy way of saying that there are abrasives in the toothpaste that literally sand off the tarter. Similarly, whitening formulations in toothpastes dont have the concentrations high enough to achieve a whiter smile but can irritate the gums as well. My personal choice is a regular toothpaste such as Colgate regular or Colgate Sensitive or Sensodyne regular.

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Best Toothbrushes

When choosing the right toothbrush it is important to make sure that the brush that you are selecting does not harm the teeth or gums. People often choose brushes that have bristles that are too hard thinking that it would clean better but instead cause more harm than good. What you are trying to get off your teeth is plaque which is a sticky film like substance that has the consistency of margarine. Therefore the best toothbrush should be a soft or an extra soft toothbrush since it gets the job done while causing the least amount of trauma to the teeth and gums. My personal favorite is the oral B sensitive or the Braun Oral B electric with the sensitive head.

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